Mount Pelion


The beautiful Pelion peninsula is situated in the prefecture of Magnesia in Thessaly, Central Greece, only a few kilometres away from Volos town and offers visitors memories and holidays that they will never forget. According to Greek mythology was the home of the mythical Centaurs, creatures who were half man and half horse. Stunning scenery, luscious nature, silky sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, the snow capped mountain, spring water falls, winding cobble-stoned paths … all images that will stay with you forever and be cherished whenever you think back to your time spent here in Pelion.
Scattered across the Peninsula are over 70 Pelion villages, all varying in size, from the famous mountainous villages of Tsagarada, Portaria and Zagora, to the beautiful coastal resorts of Kala Nera, Milina and Platanias. Pelion is full of magic and scenes of extreme beauty, and is the ideal destination to visit all year round.
During the summer there are many lovely beaches where you can visit, with sparkling crystal clean waters and golden sandy beaches. The blue waters of the Pagasitic Gulf and Aegean Sea are simply superb, and are perfect for bathing, water sports and relaxation.

During the winter, there is the famous ski centre of Agriolefkes near the village of Chania, where as well as offering top class skiing facilities, you can enjoy many other winter activities such as snowboarding, and artillery ski.
Pelion boasts some of the most famous traditional villages in Greece; set against an idyllic backdrop of shimmering olive groves, dense forests and lush fruit orchards, these stone-built villages are the true gems of Pelion. Visit the lovely old village of Tsagaráda -home to a 1,000-year-old plane tree; Makrinitsa, the so-called balcony of Pelion, which affords magnificent views over the Aegean; Portaria, which thanks to its impressive traditional mansions has successfully managed to preserve its traditional colour untouched by time, and Chánia, with its famous ski centre.
Best tips of Pelion such as the tiny, exquisite cove of Fakistra; the highlight is a stream that springs from the mountain and flows into the sea. It is rather difficult to get down to it but it certainly worth it; even in winter the setting is very romantic; pure magic. Moreover, follow a scenic route from the village of Milies…by train! Take the legendary Pelion stream train, a narrow-gauge rail track built more than a century ago by the father of the surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico, which crosses stone bridges and passes through rugged landscapes; all the stations are of unique architectural interest. And finally, visit the village of Damouchari, where several scenes from the movie Mamma Mia were filmed! chaturbate girls sex chat cam rivsexcam il miglior sito di webcam live sex show on webcam meilleur site de webcam