The region of the Peloponnese is the southern most point of mainland Greece, and in fact, can technically be called an island, since the completion of the Corinth canal in 1893. The Peloponnese is the perfect destination for your holiday in Greece….. Stunning sandy beaches and crystal waters, Olympia – the birthplace of the Olympic Games, ancient cities such as Mycenae and Pylos, the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, and so many other wonderful places that are worth visiting.

On route from Athens to the Peloponnese, you will pass through Korinthos which is known as the “Gateway to the Peloponnese”. Here you can also stop and take a look at the Corinth Canal, which was finally completed (after hundreds of years in planning) in 1893. The Peloponnese is also accessible from mainland eastern Greece, via the new Rio Bridge, which connects the Peloponnese with Antirio, which is located close to the popular region of Nafpaktos.

Peloponnese gets very popular as a weekend of a family destination. Things are certainly les busy than in the Greek Islands, but due to the large shape of the area, there are more things to do and ancient sites to visit. Due to the huge variety of beaches in Peloponnese, we suggest you the most popular such as:



Elafonissos beach, which is known for its magnificent beaches, with white sand, crystal water and unspoilt from mass tourism. The most famous beach of Elafonissos is Simos beach, which is also the most popular. If you are looking for even more quite, there are many other beaches to go.

In Epidaurus are located many nice coves. Small in size and with clean water, these beaches are surrounded by lush pine forests. Some are organized, while others remain pretty secluded.


The town of Ermioni and the surrounding are offer great beaches for swimming. Take the opportunity and explore the coasts of southern Argolida, Petrothalassa, Kouverta, Thermissia and Plepi.


In Gythio you can find all kind of beaches, pebbled and sandy, popular or isolate with tourist amenities or unorganized at all. The most famous beach is Mavrovouni, a couple of km from Gythio. There also plenty of other beaches more far away, equally picturesque and less crowded.

Kyparisia area has many and beautiful beaches, starting from the north and ending to the south, we meet the beaches of Agios Lagoudis, Sani, Kartela and Terpsithea. Apart from those, you will find quiet small coves among them that are offered for enjoyable swimming.



In Nafplion also are located many beautiful beaches. The coasts of Argolida are clean and picturesque, developed with many tourist facilities. The most famous beaches are Tolo, Kandia and Nea Kios.



Porto Heli is mostly famous for its clean and relaxing beaches. The main beach of Porto Heli is long and sandy; organized with water sports clubs and you will also find many other isolate and calm coves in the area. chaturbate girls sex chat cam rivsexcam il miglior sito di webcam live sex show on webcam meilleur site de webcam